Different Stylish Black Braids

Here are some different braiding styles that are very popular among African American black women & girls. Black braid hairstyles are popular and trendy in 2017. So give them a braid!

1.  Banana Cornrows

2.  Criss Cross Goddess Braids

3.  Ghana Braids

4.  Jumbo Braids Bun

5. Triangle Parted Jumbo Braids

6.  Thick Box Braids with Top Bantu Knots

6.  Cornrows with Ponytail

Simple cornrows are always a go-to style for women of color.  Mainly those of whom are looking for a simple and low maintenance braid style.  These braid cornrows can be styled a host of different ways. These braids can be braided either big or small, all depending on the style your comfortable with and also can be styled to a variety lengths. Cornrows usually last up to 3-4 weeks depending on your synthetic braid care regime. These stylish braids are great for women who do not want to sit around while their hair is braided.

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