Do Braids Help Hair Grow?

Healthier hair is  what we are all looking for, a quick fix  In fact, braiding your hair doesn't speed up your natural hair's growth rate nor does it make your hair follicles stronger. Your natural hair grows at a set rate, and of course lifestyle factors like your diet and daily activities can cause excessive thinning and/or breakage. 

However, if you truly want to protect your natural hair then loose braids can help to prevent hair breakage from unnecessary tension. Braid can provide a strong structure for hair to prevent breakage. Some types of hair are very fragile, and the more the hair is manipulated, the more likely it is to suffer damage and breakage. African American hair has a unique texture which makes it very beautiful. But that same unique texture also makes it the most fragile of hair types.

Braiding your hair also will reduce your natural hair strands contact with foreign fabrics, skin, and other factors that lead to hair breakage.  Sleeping while your natural hair is protected inside braids means that your hair is less likely to break from tossing and turning during the night. Your hair grows daily and usually breaks off at the ends.  The exposure from the sun, environment, daily activities and sliding across our clothes our hair gets is not very good. So when you notice so much hair growth, it's because your ends which are always normally breaking off when not protected aren't since it's braided. 

Plus, braided hair stays tangle-free, which reduces hair breakage from brushing. So, if you struggle with hair loss due to over-styling and breakage, wearing your hair in braids actually might help you grow out your hair.

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