Goddess Braid Inspirations

Box and goddess braids are both protective braiding hair styles. Wear them for months at a time and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Box and Goddess Braids can help protect your hair during the winter and summer months.

In the '90s,  Both styles were extremely popular and have been making their way back to trend the braiding hair forefront over the past couple of years. In fact, "box braids" and "goddess braids" styles are the top hairstyle search terms.  Both  "These braid trends are seasonal (with searches peaking in the summer months), and are most popular in the South,"
Braiders are always looking for new and innovative ways to braid box braids and goddess braids.
Beyonce, pulls off thigh-grazing blonde box braids .

Singer Keri Hilson styles her super long braids in a some-up-some-down 'do. 

Our Favorite, Gabrielle Union turned her small boxed braids into one large side braid that's both easy to do and refreshingly sexy.

A box-braid bob and bun.  Both Fun and Easy for the Summer Seasons.

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